Mistake #8 – Motivation Of The Team Is Lacking

Mistake #8 – Motivation Of The Team Is Lacking

Put the team under pressure so that they deliver on time, Is that a good idea??


One of the most important aspects of Dynamics 365 FO projects is the team that builds it. It's easy to neglect them, but we should make sure to take care of them.

One way to acknowledge the team's devotion is by implementing a reward and recognition scheme.

The project leadership team often lacks understanding and support for the individual team members, which can lead to problems like crises that may arise during a project.

One way to motivate a team member is to support and encourage them. Part of leadership is making sure that everyone knows that you're standing alongside them and will be by their side as the project progresses.

One other important motivator is getting appreciated for your work by a customer. They can make the point that it's good to give appreciation to the team, and this will help them produce better work in return. The project was the customer’s first offshore endeavor and as such, it had a high level of visibility within senior management.

Due to the need to complete individual tasks over time and on weekends, the team was severely lacking in motivation.

Organizations introduced rewards and recognition schemes well before we noticed that team commitment was increasing- in fact, it may have been a bit of a delayed effect.

The team believed their project would be better with more appreciation from the customer. As a result, the customer ended up being happy and there was an improvement in team productivity & project progress.

Why Your Team are Lacking Motivation and What You Can Do About It?

  1. Encourage your team to better themselves with continuous support from the senior leaders

  2. Be tactful in how you let your team members know when they fall short. Let them know what they need to do to remedy their situation and provide them with the necessary guidance & help

  3. The organization's reward and recognition scheme are good for praising team members who do their work well

  4. Introduce a framework and discuss with your customer how they can send a thank-you note to the team in order to deliver customer satisfaction


It is important to note that the current state of the world may not be in a place where it is easy to be an effective leader. However, there are some ways that leaders can make a difference. Leaders should take care of their team by providing opportunities for growth and development as well as recognizing them for their accomplishments. They should also provide clear direction and set goals that are achievable so that employees are motivated to work hard and achieve them.

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