Mistake #6 – Insufficient knowledge of a customer's specific business processes

Mistake #6 – Insufficient knowledge of a customer's specific business processes

What is the Real Problem with Customer Business Processes That Needs to be Addressed?

image.JPG The real problem with customer business processes that need to be addressed is their lack of transparency. As a result, the customers are not able to understand what’s happening with their data. They are kept in the dark about how their data is being used and why it’s being used for certain purposes.

A lot of system integrators find it difficult to understand the customer's business process. This is because customers are often not aware of their own process, or they may not have a written plan. So, how do you approach this situation? It is important to ask questions about the customer's business process. What are their goals? What are their challenges? How do they measure success? A lot of these questions will help you understand the customer's business process better and provide more useful feedback for them in the future.

Even though we're not yet sure what the direct impact of this will be for developers, it's still important to mention and acknowledge it.

It's not uncommon for your teams to find that a specific feature can be built more efficiently during a project than is defined in the Statement of Work. That's because they have more knowledge and understanding of what is possible and you're open to creative problem solving

Lack of understanding of the customer's needs means we can't make confident recommendations.

For example, when designing the interface layer of an interfacing system it's too difficult to design that layer without working on functionality and data attributes.

The implementation team wasn't familiar with how the customer's business works, and they were unclear on what was going to be delivered in terms of functionality.

This caused a high number of defects logged during system testing and a lack of confidence in the team in interacting with the customer on requirement clarification/changes.

The Effect of Creating a Customer-Focused Process A customer-focused process is a process that focuses on the needs of the customer. This means that it will be tailored to the specific needs of each customer, which should result in a better experience for them.

This type of process is a good way to differentiate one’s business from others. It also allows businesses to focus on their strengths and not try to do everything themselves.

How to Implement an AI Business Process & avoid this mistake

  1. Create a brief orientation meeting for the team, explaining how customers work and why this project is important to their business

  2. Differentiate between the various interfaces being used and mention the information each one is passing. Cover any implications this will have for each system, such as limitations

  3. An interface register is a great tool for keeping everyone up to date on the latest or input interfaces. This makes it easy to keep all of the different teams in sync and get feedback on any changes

  4. Implement particular functionality with the Integration technology, discuss it with your customer and start developing some proofs-of-concept

  5. The implementation of AI in business processes is not a new concept. It has been around for more than five decades. But, it has only recently gained traction and become mainstream because of the recent advancements in AI technologies

  6. AI-powered solutions are now being used by companies to automate and optimize their operations, increase productivity, and improve customer service

Let’s discuss some of the ways that you can implement AI into your customer business process so you can reap these benefits as well

The first step is to identify which business process needs an AI solution. You want to make sure that you are using an AI solution for the right reasons and not just because it sounds like a good idea at the time.

Step two is to find out what type


The business process of a customer is the key to understanding their needs. It is the basis of any strategy and the foundation of any relationship. The process should be studied in detail so that it can be clearly understood and aligned with the customer’s needs.

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