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Speaking for Myself, for Destiny me

Speaking for Myself, for Destiny me

Know Everything About Me!

Rakesh Darge
·Oct 27, 2021·

2 min read

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Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. My name is Rakesh. I’m glad to see you and I want to say a few words about myself.

Why am I here?

Ambitious about technology & design-thinking approach. To immerse me to apply the same to help a customer to resolve complex business problems by applying technology. I am a strong believer in community-based learning to enhance knowledge by connecting countless people across the wider community. Now I am glad that I got here and will be able to carry out what I have planned.

What do I expect from my blog posts?

Sharing challenges that I encountered & my learnings on Microsoft Business Applications & Azure to all. I recognize that learning from blogs or articles helps individuals & the community to grow faster. We all need to apply a continuous learning mindset and be able to be persistent. I think that I will gain a lot of new knowledge and I will easily utilize them.

What do I want from the learning experience, ideally?

Of course, I want to become a person who will be very challenged in the area in which I am working. I will be able to communicate with the wider community to learn & grow together.

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