Mistake #7 - Risky to start a Dynamics 365 FO project without acquiring the requisite skills

Mistake #7 - Risky to start a Dynamics 365 FO project without acquiring the requisite skills

As the team struggles with these new capabilities of Dynamics 365 FO, they will learn. Does that sound good?

image.JPG Many system integrators need to handle projects with skills that they don't have. It is inevitable that they will face this problem at some point.

Before deploying any resources into the project, organizations must invest in training and skills development.

A project without refactoring will quickly become inefficient and error-prone. As a result, your team's morale will be lower, design & build phase time will increase, and your implementation success rate will be slowed down.

Although the team had a longer learning curve than anticipated, they were able to get up to speed quickly. This is because there was no formal training and few resources with experience.

This had the consequence of schedules slipping away and not being able to produce fully-functional business process, because team misunderstood the risks involved with implementing certain features and eventually, customers will begin to lose confidence.

It is paramount to keep up with the changing times and learn more about technology in order to be successful in the workplace. If you are not a tech-savvy person, it is time to start learning and investing in your skillset.

There are many signs that indicate that you & your team need more tech skills or at least update your current knowledge. Here are some of them:

  1. Do not understand how a specific technology works, such as Dynamics 365 Ecosystem
  2. Doesn't understand how to use certain cross-app capabilities of Dynamics 365 FO with a low-code-no-code platform.
  3. You cannot do your task well if you lack technical knowledge
  4. Feel like you don't learn anything valuable about Dynamics 365 FO

How to learn new tech skills in different ways

There are different approaches to learning new tech skills and what you should know before starting. There are 3 main approaches to learning skills:

  1. Learning by doing: This is the most popular approach, where an individual learns a skill by actually doing it.
  2. Learning from video tutorials: This is a great alternative if you cannot find someone to teach you in person.
  3. Learning from books/blogs/YouTube videos: This approach is a good option for learners who are more visual and prefer reading over watching videos

Depending on the technology stack (Dynamics 365 or Power Platform), you might want to consider whether or not a training plan is needed for related technologies.

The mode of training may be performed by skilled resource, by training partners or by performing POC on the technology area.

In the early stages of a project, it's best to have a mentor for each technology assigned to your team. Mentors should also be committed to giving their time whenever you need it.


In most cases, people have a hard time understanding evolving features. Finding the right tools and knowing how to use them can be challenging. When using these updated technologies, people need to be more open-minded. It will be easier for people to succeed with these evolving technologies if they understand the basics of them.

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