Mistake #4 – The Dangers of a Bad Project Manager

Mistake #4 – The Dangers of a Bad Project Manager

There's no perfect candidate. What is the downside of selecting a bad project manager?


Project managers are responsible for making sure that their projects are delivered on time, within budget and with the quality expected. They also need to make sure that the project is successful in achieving its objectives.

One of the skills needed to be a good project manager is learning and understanding the various principles. Doing practice runs will also help improve your project management skills and you will learn over time.

The main responsibility of a project manager is to understand the processes and tools that are available, order the projects in a way that will manage workflow, and be constantly aware of what's going on with each project.

Therefore, even a skilled technical professional can be bad at managing projects if they have not been involved in any before.

As an inexperienced new resource is identified to manage a project, it is important to identify the potential risks at the very beginning. One solution could be to provide PM training or give him guidance from someone who has been trained in PM best practices.

If this is not done, project execution might have issues which result in the project coming in late and compromising quality. This would lead to a higher cost and could cause the entire team of developers to fail.

Putting Actionable Advice into Practice to Prevent Future Mistakes as a Project Manager

  1. An acquaintance of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations core functional process & technical artefacts

  2. Learn & understand Success by Design (SbD) implementation guides for Dynamics 365

  3. It's a good idea to build relationships with stakeholders and team members, be clear about expectations, and setting deadlines

  4. One option to become better is to be open to feedback from peers

  5. If a project is complex and important, it's often advisable to hire an experienced project manager

  6. If you do not have someone with project management experience on your team, it is important to train the lead or any other individual that you identify. And provide support with this with informative guides on project management best practices and templates for organisational standards

  7. It's also good to get feedback from someone experienced, like a senior project manager or account manager every day or every week


Project management is a complex process that is not easy to master. In order to have a successful project, the project manager needs to have certain skills and qualities. If they lack these skills and qualities, it will lead to an unsuccessful project. Bad project managers are usually ineffective in balancing the workload of their team members, they don't know how to take care of their team members' wellbeing and mental health, they don't know how to communicate with stakeholders and clients, or they don't know how to manage deadlines. For a project manager to be successful in their work, it's important for them to understand what qualities make for a good project manager and what skills are needed for success.

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