Mistake #1 – The Problem with Poor Estimation and the Solution for Better Planning

Mistake #1 – The Problem with Poor Estimation and the Solution for Better Planning

Why Do We Have So Much Trouble With Project Estimation?

image.JPG Project estimation is a difficult task. There are many factors that can contribute to this difficulty, including the type of project, the team size, the level of experience and expertise of the estimators, and more. Let’s understand some of these factors and pay attention as well as some guidance on how to estimate projects more accurately.

Many people believe that estimating projects is an art form or a skill set that can be developed over time with practice. However, it's also important to realize that estimating projects is not as easy as it seems and there are many factors at play when trying to come up with an accurate estimate for a project. Another reason for the difficulty in estimating ERP projects is the lack of past data on similar projects.

This means that there isn't any data that can be used to predict how long a project will take, key challenges come across and how much time will be needed for certain features or tasks. Estimated project timeline & costs are typically calculated during the proposal phase, but this largely depends on who is calculating them. They may be created by a group of technical experts who may have more experience or they might be based on the self-availability and skill level of the person calculating them.

Typically, they're not who you'll end up hiring for the project. In few cases, estimate doesn't make sense because it doesn't take into account the industry best practices. For components involving a niche technology, we are hamstrung when skilled professional shortages exist in the local delivery location.

And furthermore, this estimate represents the time we expect them to take to develop the items you are looking for. The effort needed for a Proof of Concept (POC) should be considered while doing the estimates.

Team needs to be skilled up on the skills necessary for their project, which can be time-consuming. Take this into account when you're estimating your development process. One downside of this approach is the lack of input from testing team when estimating the work. This can lead to teams vastly overestimating or underestimating the effort needed for testing activities.

How to Avoid this Mistake and Keep Your Deadlines

  1. When estimating a project, consider the degree to which your organisation has the necessary skilled resources, and the need for training on new technologies
  2. Plan your estimation based on industry benchmarks, estimation guidelines and estimators. Otherwise, you may make a judgmental error
  3. To make sure that the estimation is accurate, it should be reviewed by an expert Project Manager & Architects who has successfully completed projects similar to this in the past
  4. Revisiting the estimate as soon as you can confirm the scope of the project and establish its resource requirements. This will ensure that you make any necessary adjustments before your project begins


Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations estimation is an important factor in the implementation life cycle. It is the process of identifying and quantifying the time, effort and resources needed to complete a project. It's typically performed by a Pre-sales team & project manager or other people that have a deep understanding of the project. A well-informed estimate is required for projects with fixed budgets and deadlines because it influences how financial resources are allocated, how much time needs to be allocated from the personnel involved.

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